20 Years InDesign

Development of five different artworks to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Adobe Indesign, having a closer look on all the changes which happened during this time. 🍾🎂 Happy Birthday Indesign 🎂🍾
Collaboration with Birgit Palma.

↑ The newest version of InDesign CC offers around 16,000 fonts.

↑ Indesign had 40 Releases & Features in the last 20 Years.

↑ 91,000,000 individual PDF files are created each year with InDesign.

↑ Did you know that the butterfly was the indesign symbol from version 1.0 in 1999
until the release of version CS3 in 2007?

↑ Duden was integrated with InDesign CC 13.0 in October 2018.