Elle Magazine

America Unraveling: How Women Are Surviving the Opioid Crisis. For nine weeks, the online magazine Elle features every week a special article about the Opiod Crisis in America. Inspired by the patterns on the typical American quilts, Gif illustrations were created for each article.


Agency: Hearst
Creative Direction: Mia Feitel
Illustration + Animation: Daniel Triendl
Company: Elle.com

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↑ Adopting the Children of This Crisis Means Taking on Their Trauma.

↑ No Parent Wants to Admit Their Child Died of an Overdose.

↑ How Did I Get Here?

↑ Could I Have Saved My Son? 


↑ Heroin Has Always Been Here. It Wasn’t a ‘Crisis’ Until It Hit White Neighborhoods.

↑ I Wish Everyone Suffering Could Afford Me.

↑ I Love My Sister’s Children, and I’m Furious She Left Them With Me.

↑ We Created an Epidemic, and We Have To Fix It.